I try to walk with you, Oh, Lord, and follow in your steps,

But, Lord, I tire and hunger and sit with hope to get some rest.

It’s not that you are walking fast and that I cannot keep pace,

But Lord, tis worse- I see your direction and long not for that place.

How frequent, Lord, do we set out on a stroll with you the lead,

But soon are overtaken you for I know not what I need.

For righteousness I desire not, despite how often I say,

Oh, Lord to truly follow you would keep my sin at bay,

And would tie me to your righteous path and kill my rotten pride,

Lord, Jesus, keep my steps apace and help me match your stride.

But, Lord, to walk with you I can’t, not with this flesh and bone.

And will forever be this way, until you call me home.

So, God, today to walk with you my prayer will not be,

Instead are words of one depraved: Lord Jesus, carry me.

3 thoughts on “Carried

  1. This is one of my favorite things you’ve written.
    I even copied it into my notebook where I write down quotes I love and shorter poems/hymns.


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