Resources on Critical Race Theory

Whether or not you have heard of critical race theory (CRT), the ideology has no doubt shown up in various conversations you have been a part of. Buzz words you may have heard such as ‘white privilege,’ ‘microaggressions,’ ‘intersectionality,’ and ‘internalized racism’—to name a few—all have some relational tie to CRT. About 14 months ago, I started hearing a lot about CRT as it pertains to the Christian community. Indeed, this has been an incredibly divisive topic within the Church, because the Christian responsibility to speak truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) has caused believers to either accept or question the presumed narrative on race relations in different ways.

With the recent announcement from the Trump administration, I only speculate that conversations about CRT will increase. Because the conversation surrounding this theory is so emotionally explosive and politically charged, I wanted to pool together a list of resources that have helped me better understand CRT. I do not believe that CRT is a healthy worldview for Christians to adopt; furthermore, I believe it is a worldview that is at tremendous odds with how Christians are supposed to biblically view the world. The intention of pooling these specific resources is to gather voices who speak to the issue with critical clarity to separate truth from error. Note: this page will be continually updated with more resources.


If you want to see a preview of where these ideas inevitably lead, you should watch the mini-docuseries on Evergreen State University. Warning, there is vulgar language in these videos. I’ve embedded part one below:


These are podcasts that have dealt extensively with the issue of CRT. Rather than post links to individual episodes, I’m posting links to the podcast’s main page. The episodes on racial tensions are easily searchable.

Articles/Book Reviews

Social Media Accounts

These are Twitter accounts who frequently talk about issues related to CRT. Many of them also have accounts on other platforms.

*Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay do not profess to be Christians, but I do find their commentary on this topic to be helpful.